“Η περιέργεια είναι η αρχή της σοφίας”

“Curiosity is the beginning of wisdom.”

It is an old Jewish saying that “God could not be everywhere and therefore he made Grandmothers”.


So much can be learned from the many individuals that one meets during his and her life time. Some individuals become long time friends while others one might only spend a short time with yet they all have a great deal to do with who one becomes and what is important to oneself. I believe it might be of some purpose to include in this writing a few short stories concerning individuals that have shared this experience with me and the life lessons that were taught. Some large some small yet never the less important and at times interesting.

Have you ever wondered? I wonder all the time! Even when I was a very small child and like all very small children was narcissistic. When an infant is born into this world the infant must be cared for by others and demands this care. It is very normal that that this very young person sees him/her as the center of the universe. As that child grows, it is normal that this very young person grows away from a narcissistic view concerning himself and the world around him or her.

As a small child, I can remember wondering if I was living in some sort of a dream state and everything around me was there for me. As I grew out of this unrealistic view of the world that I was in I still wondered about many things that I did not understand however wanting to know more about. I can remember asking my mother who was a very religious individual is it possible to know everything and still there is more to know. She had told me many times how God was all-knowing omniscient. It didn’t make sense to me that an all-knowing God could be limited in wisdom. I wondered about many things and thought that others wondered along with me. As I grew older communicating with others I was very surprised that most individuals that I came in contact with were not as inquisitive as myself concerning many of the questions large and small that I found it interesting in finding answers to.

After I retired and taught in the Indianapolis school system I wanted my students to think “out-of-the-box”. I would ask them what have you ever thought about however, perhaps not brought up in conversation with others? At first my students would give me no answer, however when prompted they would take part as a class in very interesting discussions. The most common subject brought up was what is the meaning of life and is there any real meaning to it. They might ask the class why is it that throughout history man is fighting one another or why is it that some species are given longer periods of life than others. Questions of this sort turned into wonderful learning sessions where the student as well as a teacher was able to think “out-of-the-box”.

What this book is about is taking numerous subject matters in no particular order and also telling a life experience story that perhaps led to a lesson in an attempt by the author to arrive at conclusions. It is written in the hopes that others who may read this text might be caused to think a bit “out-of-the-box”.There is so very much to know. Socrates said when asked what do you know according to Plato he answered I know that I don’t know. It is sure fun to get up each morning and to find out something new, and to come across a bunch of questions that you can spend the rest of your life thinking about.