1. Here I Is

Here I am. What do I think? I think that I think. Since I think that I think, I am! (Please note the lower case use of I am.) As always I am part of it not it all by myself, as all other entities are as well. So as long as I am, I exist. At my present level of understanding I do not know where or how after I leave this corporeal body I will be. What I do believe is that I will continue to be. It is a Truth that nothing in the entire cosmos has been ever, or will ever be destroyed. All simply take other forms, as I believe I will. Thinking this I can be on my earthly journey with a vast amount of confidence and little concern about where, when or how I leave my present mortal self, and go on to another form of experience. I will be. As all other corporeal beings I also have a meaningful purpose.

Therefore, I can now go about my business here with little fear, yet a lot of wonder and thought.


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