2. Who is God?


I have always wondered. Within my limited intelligence, why, if God is all powerful and omniscient, why it is that this all-mighty, all mindful and loving Creator would have not found a lot better ways of doing some of the most basic tasks that have been left for us mortals. Perhaps as most of the Founding Fathers of our great nation believed, who as I read history were called Deists or Universalist, believed that this Force or Creator made the universe perfect and left it to run by incorruptible Principles and Laws. These Laws and Principles were set up before what we mortals understand to be the beginning of time. This Eternal Force, call it what pleases for it makes not an iota of difference what name you give it, was and is deemed perfect as well as eternal.

Let me at this point in this verbal articulation make it clear that in no way do I see this First Cause as being anthropomorphic. Many may discern my conceptions of this All Mighty Power to be profane and ungodly. On the contrary, I feel very comfortable speaking of My Maker in these terms. Since this Divine Power is non-anthropomorphic and therefore not having the limited characteristics that man has given to him because of man’s ego problems. Therefor I have no reason to fear upsetting such an Eternal Force, which is Perfect and Loving. Some might go as far as to say that I must be viewing God in an anthropomorphic manner by speaking of Perfection and Love as a characteristic which are human in quality. Please note the capitalization of Perfect and Loving. To my understanding these are Principles that are in essence what makes the Cosmos work. They are Universal God Principles not those of Man.

Footnote: When a word is underlined I am speaking of God.


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