38. The Importance of All – The Whole is the Sum of its Parts

The next time that you or I blow up our chests and think, and as well as act as if we are so very important that the Universe was made for the pleasure and use of Man alone perhaps you and I should think again. The time that the human race has existed in cosmic time is shorter than your next breath. One way to bring Mankind down to earth is to look at what Carl Sagan called his “Cosmic Calendar.”

With in the scheme of Sagan’s “Cosmic Calendar,” the average human life being some 70-80 years this life would be equivalent to approximately 0.16 cosmic seconds. To me this does not mean that Man is less important but in contrast I believe since we are all part of this wonderful wholeness that Man and all else is more important, and meaningful. Because of this fact we, Mankind, all have a greater responsibility to all others and any other entity within the Cosmos.

Do you remember the high school math class when you learned that the whole is the sum of it’s parts? What this means to me is that the whole can’t be a whole unless it has all its parts. Therefor the Cosmos can not function properly unless all its part function in a proper manner. So we are very important. We are only so if we think of ourselves in relation to all other parts of the Cosmos.


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