14. Knowledge is Our Greatest Strength and Fear is Our Greatest Weakness

The crazies will always be out there that is very true, and we cannot stop all of them doing evil. However there are means and ways of stopping some of them, or if not stopping them at least slowing them up. It is my belief that the way to do this is not to build more plentiful weapons placing them into the hands of the crazies.

Fear is something that has been used by rulers, politicians power-hungry organizations and individuals though out history. It’s use is relatively simple just keep the uninformed afraid of their shadow and you can control them. If one buys into this one lives a very unhappy life constantly looking over their shoulder, and wondering when will the next fearful event take place. So we make people afraid of the unknown. This is easily done by placing beliefs in little boxes bound with locks and chains. The fearful individual is afraid to even try to open up the box and search out the knowledge that will allow him or her to see what is inside. Control is built this way, and it’s a powerful weapon.

I myself refused to live in a world of fear. I believe that the best way to stay out of this world is with the use of knowledge. I have never armed myself even when I was in a situation which may have called for a defense of this type. I refuse to be afraid, and it has worked well for me. So an arms race whether it be a national one or an individual one is something that I will not buy into. Our first President George Washington was afraid of the country being filled with crazy rebellious individuals and groups, and I believe made it clear that he found that these  groups were a danger to our new government and way of life. On the other hand at that time within our nation and its culture a long gun was something that every rural American had and needed to have. At the time of the writing of the Second Amendment it had no part in the discussion. The basic argument at that time was Federalism or States Rights. What the Second Amendment did was give the individual states the opportunity to arm themselves in the same manner with the same military weapons that the federal government had.

As a teacher speaking to my high school students what I tried to impress upon them was the best defense to use against a bully of all types was to be smarter than him or her. You get smarter and hence stronger by gaining more knowledge. Knowledge is there all one has to do is search it out. Having it will allow you to be in control of the many life situations that we all have to face. Those who try to make you fearful will fail as hard as they may try to. You will be in


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