24. Fear & Greed – The Lynch Mob

Once more America has voted and has selected a new leader. Again, America is a land of the angry and fearful as well as the quick fix. Greed is alive and well! The large banks and bankers controlling America’s money, as well as angry organizations with well paid for lobbyists will support the greedy and power hungry. Political parties, spin doctors and highly paid influence peddlers are calling out with the use of fear and for the quick fix. The American voter says give me more of the same.

The uninformed public will act in many cases like a lynch mob. (Read the Ox Bowl Incident to better understand my point of view.) A lynch mob is made up of angry easily led people of various characters. The mob is led by a powerful personality who is able to lead other weaker individuals to rush into action, and many times act in a manner that under normal circumstances they would not. Fear is the main source of action. Instead of with more intelligent thought overcoming what the mob fears the leader or leaders, spin doctors, public figures, lobbyists and power hungry greedy money men and women, politicians will whip the mob up into taking actions that do not solve the problems at hand. What is done in the long run is that seeds are planted which leads to causes of greater problems for those in the mob itself.

From the simplest problems that must be solved one must act not react to overcome problems. What I believe will continue to happen is well, meaning groups will turn over their advantages to the not so well-meaning leaders of the lynch mob.

The fear mongers of today have not changed much from those of the past. All one has to do is study a little of the history of our land. The spin doctors of today are well aware that the general public will not study in depth the past and what we as a nation have learned, should have learned, and in many cases forgotten and put aside. In doing so by not looking to how we can learn from the past we are setting ourselves up to fail in the future. By stirring up and muddling an emotional image it is possible to rally a perplexed mob in the direction needed by an elected official to grab or keep power. The uninformed in the mob are giving this power away to the greedy and powerful.

Today it seems to me that the quick fix is laid out on the table from all sides. It comes in the form of lies and misinformation or a lack of information. It comes from the Right, from organizations such as the Tea Party. It is shouted out by the talking heads that can be found on MSNBC, CNN or Fox as well as talk radio. The Left pushes back fighting among themselves many times killing the animal that they are trying to feed. The so-called Centralist sit on the fence looking for the next chance to serve their own purpose leaning either way. All use fear as their hot button to incite the mob who like lost sheep acts on the behalf of the leaders of the mob. The action of the mob reminds me of the actions taken during the Dark Ages. The serfs of the castle would go to battle and in most cases their death for the Lords and Ladies who sat at home and drank tea. There was always fears and greed in the equation. Little does the mob understand that if it is not destroyed in the battle itself, it will be destroyed in future battles.

Hot buttons are used as issues to arouse a feeling of high emotion within the mob. Most times these hot buttons are issues that history tells us were used with success before. At present, the hot buttons that might be used may be immigration or terrorism. Both of these issues are real problems that need good answers to be found, yet the fear broadcasts by the greedy and powerful are more detrimental to the individual and our nation than the problem itself. The terrorists are winning the battle by establishing a nation of fearful people that has allowed us as a nation to be unwise. Wars have killed our young men and women along with those of other lands. We also by such actions have pushed aside many American basic values. Who has gained most by this? Not the people who make up the mob that called for the actions that have damaged them and will do so perhaps more in the future. Who will gain from these unwise emotional actions are the greedy that have used fear to serve their purpose.

“When you fear something, learn as much about it as you can. Knowledge conquers fear.” Edmund Burke


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