25. A Boston Christmas Story


An amusing little event took place on a Christmas Eve some time ago while my new wife Mimsie and myself were in Boston. Boston to me is a fairy land at that time of the year. The bright colored lights, the thick snow and the many busy Boston people doing their last minute shopping had the appearance of a Chistmas card. Many people filled the side walks and the traffic was bumper to bumper with hundred of individuals doing their last minute Christmas shopping. There was also Christmas music that could be heard on the streets via loudspeakers filling the air. Mimsie my wife and myself were at that time getting ready to drive back through the snowy evening to New York to spend Christmas with my Woodmere family. At that time we did not have any children to be concerned with.

We were on a Boston street full of busy people and the many cars there were moving slowly. Many of them were stopped in traffic jams. We were driving through a busy narrow street and the traffic was not moving at all. Even though it was Christmas Eve cars were blasting their horns, and their drivers were losing their cool with one another. It seemed to me that even though it was Christmas Eve people on the streets who were carrying bright colored Christmas packages appeared unhappy perhaps because of the snow and cold.

A car in front of us wanted to be allowed to drive out of an alley into the line of traffic that we were in. I stopped my car and motioned for the car to move into our line of traffic. The individuals in the car behind me became angry at me for allowing the car I had just let into our lane. The car that I allowed to enter the line of traffic ahead of me was able only to get half way into our lane. Many people in their automobiles started to yell and cuss at me from their cars. As Mimsie and myself were allowing that car to move out of the alley in front of us as I heard a loud knocking at my driver’s window. There were three men standing outside of my car door. In a very angry way, they told me to get out of my car. I looked over at my wife asking her what she wanted me to do. Under normal conditions, Mimsie would have told me to stay inside of the car. To my surprise, she said get out and knock their heads off. Surprised I smiled at her and said okay. I rolled down my car window a bit asking for these three young idiots to step back, allowing me to get out which they did. When I was out of my car standing in front of them, I asked just what was their problem. They seeing that I was not at all afraid of them decided quickly that they had chosen the wrong person to pick a fight with. There were surprise and fear on their faces which of cause amused me. The driver in the car that I was letting into the traffic seeing what was happening kept his window rolled up. I could see him slumped down in his seat since he wanted no part in what I can only image he thought was about to happen. What I did next was put out my hand to shake the hand of whoever desired to take it. As they reached for my hand, I said Merry Christmas to which they greeting me in a show of relief and returned a Merry Christmas. As they walked back to their car the driver in the car that I allowed into traffic rolled down his window shouting:” I guess we showed them. I yelled back to him, ” you didn’t show them anything Merry Christmas.” A strange thing occurred at once the hundreds of people on that street turned to each other yelling to one another Merry Christmas. The cars stuck in this traffic jam stopped blasting their horns, allowing cars to move into the line of traffic also wishing each other a Merry Christmas. The whole scene looked like what one would see in a Marry Poppins movie. The traffic eased up, and we drove out of the traffic jam on our way to spend our Christmas with my folks with both Mimsie and myself smiling. It just took one individual to change the mind set of many others. Just another life message taught.


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