30. The Faith of a Child


In a previous essay entitled “Faith Misunderstood,” I wrote about how being taught by a loving caretaker when an individual is a small child can and in many cases may lead to an adult with a mouse trap mind unable to open his or her minds to truer and proven information. This is because the small child who is dependent on the adult caretaker and who as a small child will base his or her future understanding of concepts correct or not correct upon information taught to him/her by an adult that is respected. The small child when he or she reaches the time in life where he or she should be able to think for themselves does not.

An adult who because of the above mindset has then given control away to others who now can control him or her. This can be seen speaking with an individual who will debate with you saying that the earth is 6000 years old and that snakes speak to naked ladies. After all, the adult’s loving and learned mother told him or her that this was a truth. This type of limited thinking is most dangerous not only to the individual but as well to the society that that individual lives in. In many cases, progress is held back.

I used in the previous essay entitled “Faith Misunderstood” as an example of the above occurring. I also stated in that essay that I see faith as an important belief to have. Physics is now teaching us that the more information that modern science brings forth the more one knows that he or she does not know. An example of this is what science calls Dark Matter or what is referred to as Dark Energy. Science can prove that it is there but science does not know what it is. The same could be said about anti-matter. With my present limited ability to understand so many concepts, I wonder what is the truth concerning the concept of faith. I have seen it work and as well have seen it being misused.

The following tale is a true one concerning myself and the use of faith. I guess I will have to ask you to have faith that this example of faith did happen.

When I was a very young child I guess about seven years old or so I had a dog that we called Timmy. Timmy I believe was a collie shepherd mix breed. That’s what at this time I remember about him. At that time our family was living in Cedarhurst, Long Island. I had walked around the block and Timmy was following me. He ran out in front of a car and was hit by a car. Timmy did not move and laid on his side in the street. I can vividly recall that a crowd gathered quickly. I heard them saying to one another that he was dead.

Each morning during those early days of my life mother would have her boys, Morty, Frank and myself read the Bible together. I said read the Bible, however, I at that time could not read so I just listened. When I saw Timmy in the street and not moving at all, as well as heard the people around him saying that the dog was dead I at once remembered the Bible story where Jesus raised a man from the dead by saying: “Take up your bed a walk.” If Jesus could do that it made sense to me as a small boy that so could I. I looked at my dog Timmy and said: “Timmy take up your bed and walk” fully expecting Timmy to get up and he did. The people around Timmy and myself looked on quite amazed as Timmy and I walked away together as if nothing special had occurred. To me, nothing special had happened since I truly believed that what had just taken place was normal. I grew older and more knowledgeable in what the world told me was normal. I many times wished that I had the faith of that seven-year-old child.


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