37. Who are the Chosen People?

While spending time on the Internet site Newsvine individuals would often debate as well as bate each other concerning their own views and opinions. Too often their thoughts were so set in hard rock that they found it impossible to see or understand the views of others. Many of their conclusions came from misinformation.
A question was put forth on Newsvine; “are the Jews a chosen people?” As I see it you can believe what you care to believe as long as your beliefs help to make you a more productive individual, and do not attempt to stop others from believing as they desire to believe. If you take the word of the first five books of the King James Bible, and many other Hebrew writings, I guess that you could have an honest belief in that the Jews are. Others do not see these works as a literal truth so they do not believe this to be a truth. Myself I could care less since my thinking informs me that whatever the world or a single individual in the world thinks and believes in does not make it a truth. What Is Is! Up is up and down is down, and you can believe that this is not so yet it does not change the truth. So this fighting and meanness that turns into killing and war are foolish in any sense of the matter. My feelings are to the best of my present understand is that let others believe as they wish to. If their beliefs make them a more productive, loving compassionate individual that is fine with me. If they go around thinking they are correct in their knowledge and this gives them peace and happiness what could be wrong with that.

A little tale, and example of this may be worth telling. I was brought up in Queens, New York, and later as a young person and teen lived on Long Island, New York. Being a youth in Queens and Long Island has its advantages as well as disadvantages.You can’t help while attending public school meeting others of different cultures. Some will accept you for who you are, and how you acted. Others will not. They out of ignorance hated you for what they thought you were. In my area, there were a great many Jewish families. ( I being a mixed bag found myself in a sort of never-never land being of Jewish heritage, yet brought up as a Christian. Yet that is another story.)

I had a friend who once said to me; “Ira you today I was called a Christ Killer, and I don’t even know the guy they say I killed.” My reply to him was; “yes they are accusing you of something out of hate and ignorance which you know is not true. On the other hand, these same individuals read a Bible and believe you to be chosen. You know who you are whatever they believe to be the truth about you. Let them hate and believe as they care to, however as long as they see and believe that you are chosen take full advantage of it.

What happened to this friend as well as other Jewish friends that I grew up with was after many years of being told that you are chosen by God by even those that hate them they started to believe that they were special. They started to act that way and found confidence in themselves. You tell a child that they are pretty over and over and the child believes that they are pretty. The same thing goes that if you over and over tell a child that he/she is smart they start acting smart. If you are negative in what you tell a child or young person about themselves they start to act and feel about themselves in a negative manner.

If a person cares to tell me that I am chosen out of ignorance or truth and it makes me feel good about myself even though I doubt the truth of what they say it will in time have its effect on who I might believe myself to be.

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