8. What is Real Love?

Real Love is not something that grows because of definition or practice. It is a Universal Principle just as Gravity is a Principle.
Gravity is always there if you use it or not.
Even if you misuse it. It is still there.
It is a Principle, and a Law of the Cosmos.
Love is just like that use it or not use it, or even misuse it it is always there.

We all have Love. The Universe is Love.
All other “types of love” are wonderful and good, and they please us as well as cause happiness.
Yet they depend on our relationship with others and therefor seem to be able to be taken from us.

Love is infinite and as individual entities we all express it. Another can’t take it from you, or give it to you.

It does not depend on any human concept or method.
We all have it and desire nothing from it, but to be part of it which we are, however, we may seem to express ourselves or define it.

Love in Truth can not be given or taken away because it’s THERE.

Love has been designed into the Universe by the designer as part of the Law of the Universe. It is there and will always be there.


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