40. My Friend the Tree

Now that I live alone, and I am older finding it more difficult to get around easily, and do not have the use of an automobile the pups and myself spend most of our time during the day under our tree. Fall will soon turn into winter; a cool breeze will soon turn into a chilling wind. Sitting outside under our tree will become not as pleasant. As the colors of Fall come forth those few short days will be most enjoyable as we watch our little animal friends scurry around getting ready for the winter. Some will leave for a warmer climate others will prepare for the cold and snow that will soon follow. Tarzan Rocky and myself will be forced to spend most of our time dwelling in our cave.

Since it is now early Fall the bugs of the hot Summer days are not around to pester us so it is quite pleasant sitting here beneath the branches of our friend. Tarzan having an undercoat enjoys this time of the year. He will lounge in the shade only getting up from time to time as a neighbor or stranger enters his kingdom. I might add that his and Rocky’s turf goes out quite a distance including to the highway that is a couple of hundred feet away. They can not go out that far since they are held back by a sixteen-foot lead. This has to be done since my two friends would enjoy getting up close to whatever they saw, heard or smelled that might be of some interest to them. Rocky as most of his breed is known for is somewhat a warm weather animal. He enjoys the hot sun beating down on him. Like his brother Tarzan, he will savor the day only to let all know that come near us and our tree that this is our world. You are welcome to share it with us, however only under our terms.

Our neighbors as they arrive from work, or whatever they might have been doing will be welcomed by the pups in a most joyful manner. Tarzan has a special high octave bark that is kept for his special friends. The neighbors expect this greeting on their return. They are not disappointed. Most before entering their home will take a few extra steps greeting the three of us. After all, this is done the pups will lie back down again under, or near our tree soaking in the day. Our time together is good. At this moment I with the aid my wireless earphones which are connected to my TV enjoy the ragtime music now filling my mind. The music that I am now hearing allows my mind to cruise to wherever and whatever is satisfying to me at the level of my mentality that I wish to entertain. The upbeat rhythmical sounds that are now entering my earphones are those of Scott Joplin. This music makes it easy and pleasant to let my mind drift back to a time where in my mind’s eyes I can see my young parents going about their lives.

I’m sure that I think of my tree in a rather different manner than most do concerning an inert object such as a tree. I don’t just enjoy our tree I respect it. In many ways, although different from the three of us I see it as an equal. It is much more to me than a useful beautiful utilitarian object that is there for a purpose to please and aid mankind. No, it has a soul of its own. It has a life of its own that will outlast my lifetime, and in so many ways be productive and meaningful not only to others but to itself. It has rights to its Being.

The word soul takes on different meanings in various cultures. The Greeks saw the word as life. Certainly, any tree has life, but does it have a soul? I believe it does. Plotinus my friend the Greek great thinker that lived about in the year 250 AD saw all things with souls. Each soul had its own Being and means of expression. Each soul has its own life and importance. My Tree certainly has that. Like me some day it will change form. It will like me, and all others animals and plants go back to what it really is which is a form of energy, or what the physics of today might call information.

Today being an early Fall day My Friend the tree is clothed still in a deep green colored dressing. The birds that have made it their homes during the Spring and Summer have left or are getting ready to fly elsewhere. Near our tree, I have placed a hummingbird feeder. During the past months, I have been blessed by many hummingbirds feeding near us. The feeder is very close to the end of the leads that Tarzan and Rocky are on. Tarzan and Rocky are able to go quite near the feeder, yet do not bother these birds. All Spring and Summer we have had the company of one special robin that will inattentively slowly hop up near the boys looking for dinner, or perhaps a new twig to take to his nest. These hummingbirds go about their business very near to the pups as does the robin. Now the squirrels that run near us are another story. They will run across the green lawn near our tree climbing a tree jumping onto the telephone wires that run near us. The boys find it great fun to run to the end of their leads barking at these intruders. This past season I had to buy much thicker chains to use as leads since Rock with a good start was breaking whatever lead that he was on. After the lead was broken Rocky thought that it might be a grand idea to chase the mowers that might be at work cutting the lawns of our complex. When he chased after these mowers and the workers on them many Olympic speed records were broken. Rocky would stop his chase when I called after him. Such have been our blessings and enjoyments of the past seasons.

As I thought about the best way to explain my feelings of how I felt about My Friend the Tree I decided to go to the dictionary and find a definition of the word friend. What I found were words such as confidant, companion, soul mate, companionship, and togetherness. As for myself, I can relate to all of these words as I think of My Friend the Tree. My friend is always there for me each day as we greet one another. Whatever the circumstances are on that day I’m greeted with the same beauty, companionship, and cover that every other day has brought to me. My Friend, the Tree may be dressed differently, however, it is there for me, and I for it. This perhaps more than I’m able to honestly say concerning other humans which most other humans believe are of a greater value than such as a tree could be.

My Friend, the Tree came into this material world much the same as I. It from a seed that had all the information needed by nature to make it as it is. Myself as a single cell that within it had all the information needed to make the human that is me. As of late, there has come about a study called fractals that shows how this information found in that seed or cell repeats itself over and over again making things as they are material. All one has to do is look at any branch of a tree big or small, and it can be noted how a pattern of growth repeats itself over and over as you move out on that single branch. We humans it has been found have the same pattern and process moving forward following the information that was materially planned within that one cell. I find this very interesting that both My Friend the Tree and myself materially do come forward from a plan which is nothing more than information which is what we both are at least in a material way.

So what does this all mean to me? Only that I have a real relationship with My Friend the Tree, and as a friend has learned much from our friendship also gaining much from our companionship. This pleases me so very much. I’m sure Tarzan and Rocky feel the same although they do not need to write about it for being much closer to nature they just understand it.

On Christmas morning Tarzan went to sleep and went back to whatever form of information that he is now. Rocky and I miss him very much. As Spring comes about the first days spent under our Friend the Tree will have some sadness to be dealt with. We will handle this. The coming season with our Friend the Tree will be a happy and productive one I’m sure.

This little essay was written some 10 or so years ago before I moved to my present home at Crestwood Village on the east side of Indianapolis. At the time of its writing Tarzan, Rocky and I lived in our cave together on the west side of Indianapolis. They were good years for we had the love of each other. Added to that we had our Friend the Tree to share each day with.

Rocky, Tarzan and myself most times enjoyed the company of many young folks who made visits to spend the afternoon with us also enjoying My Friend the Tree.


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