41. My Name is Rocky – On Being of a Higher Intelligence

I must admit that I did the typing below however, all the thoughts were from Rocky.
Rocky in Rushville

“Bow Wow, Ruff Ruff Grrrumans. I have a higher intelligence than humans although they seem to feel that they are the highest form of all on this very small planet. This is written in the Great book of the Alpha Wolf. Please excuse me saying these things. My Dad has told me many times before not to be so high-minded. We were, and it’s a fact, given by the Great White Chinned Wolf our abilities such as a greater sense of smell, also hearing and the ability to see better in the dark than that of humans. We also do not hunt for fun nor do we gamble or get drunk. Our instincts are greater than humans and we run faster than they ever have been able to do. I hope that you will accept my apologies for being this brazen. I know Dad will be happy that I gave them.

It was about eight years ago that I wondered into Dad’s cave. I do not like to dwell too much on the past and try my best to be a positive thinking dog. However, I guess I should wolf, excuse that, speak a little about how I came to find Dad’s cave. You see I was born out of wedlock. My mother I believe was a Doberman and my father I’m not too sure of. My Mom’s family being sort of high minded was not that happy with her relationship with my father. All I know of him was that he was a mutt and one with little sense of responsibility. My mother being young and foolish let puppy love take over and I was the result of that. I hate the term Bastard but that is what Mom’s family referred to me as. She really being a decent K-9 couldn’t take this constant degradation and parted along with me from her birth family. My father walked out on us and left Mom and myself on the street.

This is hard to understand yet it is what happen. One day when I was still just a pup nosing around with Mom looking for our daily food a truck pulled up and I large human got out of it. He chased and caught Mom with a device that looked like a long pole with a thick wire attached to it. As this was happening I being a pup hid. They took Mom away in that truck. Now I understand that the man and the truck some way or other were from a Humane, I believe that’s how you spell that, organization. I’m told humans with good intentions in mind give these organization funds to take dogs and cats off the street and kill them by the millions. A few I understand do find homes. I don’t like to think of it but I do believe that was the end of a wonderful and kind mother dog. Now I know that the humans do almost the very same thing to other young human mothers. It’s difficult to believe and understand that any of us created by the Great White Chinned Wolf would be so self-centered and uncaring.

I after they took my mother from me made it the best I could. That first year of my life I must admit has left quite a few scars on my mind. I still have to almost on daily bases fight the urge that I have deep within me to leave my Dad and brother Tarzan and go out in the world to find my uncaring and evil father and kill him. Life has taught me better and I have seen the downfall of many a young pup that used the past as an excuse to do wrong. I know that this is now my decision to make and I have so far been able to move forward with my now loving family.

Dad found me when he was living in a city called Indianapolis. He was sitting outside during a very pleasant Spring day. I looking for my daily food walked passed his cave. My older brother Tarzan let me know at once that I should get out of the area and fast. Being hungry I stood back and rolled my big brown eyes at this human who I didn’t trust at all. Over the past months on the street, I had become street-wise and had found it not too difficult to con humans and perhaps get a little better food from them that I was finding from digging through garbage dumpsters. I didn’t know Dad at the time and figured being a human and of a lower intelligence I could work him for a meal or two. I got a meal from him and left for the night. Tarzan I know now came from a background much like mine. Tarzan is a mutt, you know I hate that term, Chow-Shepherd mix. I didn’t want to hang around too close to that cave since my now brother and best friend let me know that this was his cave and he didn’t need another K-9 to interfere with the relationship that he had with this human that was feeding me.
Tarzan and Rocky in Rushville
The food from this now found cave was good so I kept coming back for more. I had to be very careful in dealing with Tarzan who was older and I guess stronger than myself. Not too soon after I first found Dad’s cave Tarzan did take off after me and we had quite a fight. It was quick but some blood was lost. I was very surprised that Dad ran up to us and grabbed Tarzan’s collar. I was happy that he did this. I still didn’t trust this human yet it did make an impression on me. Dad after that fed me on his little cement porch outside of his cave. After a while he sat next to me as I chowed down. I always did this with one eye kept on him. Tarzan would curse me through a glass sliding door. I started to trust this human, but since he was a human, not too much. On the street I had met many a K-9s that had told me sad stories how they were taken into human caves, fed and taken care of only to be left on the street again after the human family found them to be an inconvenience to them. I was told while on the street if you are taken into a cave by a college student this may turn out to be a great disappointment to you. What these young humans will do much too often is keep you around, feed you well and seem to care for you but when their term of study is over for that year they walk away and leave you on the street as if they had never known you.

After some time Dad took me into his cave. It took a long time before Tarzan and myself trusted or cared for one another. As I got older and stronger when we got into it it got nasty. I remember one evening that it really got nasty with myself and Tarzan. Unfortunately, it takes an event such as this to make you wise up. I understand humans have the same problem. What happened was Tarzan and myself got into a fight and both of us went for the kill. Dad seeing this jumped in between us and was the one to get the worst of it. One of us, I don’t really know who ripped Dad’s arm open bad enough for him to have to leave at once. He had to go to the hospital for repairs. When he came back we both were ashamed. We knew better, and here we were biting the hand that fed us and loved us. I thought only humans did stupid things like that. With our higher intelligence, you would think we would know better. But in the heat of battle over nothing we hurt Dad.

What hurt me the most, and later Tarzan told me he also came to the same conclusion, was that when Dad came home from the hospital he didn’t hit or kick us as I had seen happen so often on the street. He simply told us that he was disappointed in our actions and refused to talk with us for a few days. I learned my lesson from this, and I know for a fact that Tarzan did as well. Tarzan and I now live together with Dad in our cave where we all get along well. Tarzan and I agree that in the cave he will act as the Alpha dog. Outside I act as the Alpha dog. This helps our egos. Dad has gotten himself into trouble with others, mostly female, relationships because he does not treat Tarzan and me as less than him or other humans. Dad says we are not better than one another only different. I’ll go along with this if only with my dealings with him.

I wanted to wolf, excuse that again, tell about other things that I have seen since living with humans but I guess I have spent too much time speaking of my early life. Do you know that humans kill other living things and mount their head and display them on their walls? Can you imagine us K-9s doing that? I can’t, but then we are of a higher intelligence.


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