43. The Answer to America’s Energy Problems

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At present under the types of national governments and financial systems that the wealthy nations of the world have energy will be the card in the deck that will mean staying a world power, or becoming a third world power. Nations that have low-cost efficient means of producing power, or have a means to obtain such energy will be financially solvent. At this time in American history America as are the rest of the nations of the world, depend on fossil fuels to power their nation. These fuels for the most part oil and coal have been left to mankind through millions if not billions of years of natural processes. Living growing vegetation has been made by nature into these fossil fuels. Since this process takes at least millions of years in the short term these sorts of fuels cannot be replaced.
We as a nation and the world in total will soon come to the point where these fuels will not be available. Before this point is reached the cost of these fuels will become so substantial that the use of them as we do today will be unacceptable or possible.

The present Green Evolution will somewhat put off the days of reckoning that are sure to come when fossil fuel will not be available. Green fuels such as biofuels, sun power, and the wind will play an important part in putting off what is sure to happen, yet it will happen that sometime in the not far future America will not be able to find or buy the fuel that is needed to power our nation. Green fuels will be of vast importance to our nation that will hold back the dread of climate warming, and help to make America a healthier land. So it is vastly important that America moves forward increasing the use of Green fuels. We will also have the use of water and atomic energy to power our nation, yet all the above can not solve the power problem that we are facing and will face to a much greater extent in the future.

Atomic energy could be almost an unlimited source of power. This being so atomic energy is too costly and dirty to be the answer. If all of this is so what is the answer? The answer is clear and simple what America must do is what America has done in the past with great success. During WWII the American people found themselves with their backs up against the wall. They found themselves fighting in a world war against two very strong and able adversaries. Germany and Japan had been building up their ability to make war for years. They both had large, well equipped fighting forces, and industrial availability to supply their armies. America at this time was a weak unprepared nation, and a nation that it seemed was not willing to fight. Our President in the thirties and very early forties knew that he would not be elected for another term of office if he too boldly prepared our nation for what he knew was before us. With all this being so we went to war because we had no other choice but to do so. At that time the American people knew that their very existence depended on unselfish immediate and drastic actions. Men and women of all backgrounds gave up their way of life. They traveled to far off shores to battle an enemy that they knew little about. On the home front, those who were unable to go to war played an important part of the American industrial war complex. Women came out of their homes and into war factories. We as a nation did without whatever we could do without. Food was rationed as was gas and other fuels that were needed for our fighting men and women. We stopped producing cars and started building planes, tanks, and ships. We drove our older cars in the dark with little open areas on our headlights for the rest of these headlights were painted over with black paint. We as a people used what we had and did not ask for more. We as a nation pulled together doing all the above. We knew that if we did not America would very likely be defeated, and our American way of life would be gone forever.

Actions like the above are needed today if we as Americans desire that America of the past be the America of the future. Without proper energy to fuel America this will not be our future. So as a nation, we must be willing to do with less to get more. This is not what is now happening in our nation. The American people are a greedy profit driven people that want more for less. To fuel our unnecessary wars we are now willing to send one percent of our population to fight while the rest of us get fat. We drive bigger and faster cars, and call for more of everything, even if it means that others have less.

What America must also do is find futuristic means of powering our nation. A power beyond the Green fuels that we see and speak of today. During WWII Albert Einstein wrote a letter to President Roosevelt informing him that Hitler was on his way to building a Super Bomb. From this came the Manhattan Project, and the building of the Atomic Bomb. For good or bad it was built. It took a vast amount of money and effort, and with the aid of the brightest minds that we could find we built this bomb. We did so in a very short span of time. We did so with the extreme outlay of national funds and man hours. We did so because as a nation, we had to since we thought at that time if we didn’t Hitler would, and the war would be lost.

Today America is in much the same situation. We must find a new way to fuel our nation. What is needed is a fuel or fuels that are as vastly different from oil and coal as a stick of dynamite is from the Atomic Bomb. Perhaps this fuel will come from the heat near the center of our earth. Perhaps we will find a way to harness the power of the Sun, not just the weak rays that we are now collected from solar panels. This power will I believe be found in the labs of America with the use of quantum mechanics, or from a better understanding of Nanoscience, and other uses of physics that are now being studied and worked with at various labs within the United States public as well as private. We are not doing so at present to the degree we should. We are as a nation are, not willing to spend the funds or man hours to do what can be done, and must be done. Where ever this knowledge comes from I believe it can be found and used. The only way to do so is with a project the size and strength of the Manhattan Project. WE NEED A MANHATTAN PROJECT FOR ENERGY, AND WE NEED IT NOW!


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