47. Hope in the Future

Sometimes an individual has a wonderful feeling that stays with the individual from then on. It becomes part of you and even if the reason for the feeling does not quite work out the way one had hoped for the wonder of that moment is always there. There were a few times in my lifetime when I had almost a spiritual feeling of happiness, peace and hope. This emotion is difficult to define in words, since such a sensation is so personal and comes from within. This being so I will endeavor to convey what I felt as I stood on a hill one afternoon outside of the town of Bloomington.

I had been living in Indianapolis for several months alone with my family still residing in Arlington Texas. The reason that I had come to Indianapolis was to set up an insurance operation for a Texas insurance company National Comp Associates. I had a short time before been made the Indiana State Manager for this organization. My task was to set up and train a sales organization within the state of Indiana. In a very short time I had hired and trained more than twenty agents. Most of them were writing business. The home office in Dallas, Texas was very pleased and it was time to bring my family to Indiana to live.

Mimsie my wife and I had decided for me to try to find a farmhouse with some land some place in rural Indiana. At that time, neither of us had very much information concerning Indiana. It was left up to me to gather information by investigating any and all living possibilities in Indiana that might serve us as a family. The first time that I made a visit to Bloomington I fell in love with the town. To my surprise the flat terrain of Northern Indian and Central Indiana quickly turned into the rolling hills of Southern Indiana. The change in terrain took place south of the town of Martinsville. Bloomington itself I found to be alive with activity. Bloomington like most Indiana County seats was built around a limestone County Court House. The downtown area was neat and well kept, very quaint and active. The fact that the University of Indiana is located in downtown Bloomington gave the town a youthful environment, yet allowed the area to have an old fashion small town appearance.

The way I came across the Bloomington area was that I had made a visit to it to work with one of my District Managers. I for the past month had traveled to various areas of the state working with my newly employed agents and their Managers. No other town that I had been in while searching for our new home impressed me as much as the town of Bloomington as well as the Monroe County area where it was located. This is where, if possible, I wanted to at last settle and bring up my family. There was one overriding problem that had to be solved before I could make a final decision to choose Monroe County and Bloomington as our new home. The town that I moved the children to must have a good Special Education Program available. The best that I could find in the State. I called the Indiana Department of Education and without making mention of Bloomington ask them where they thought the best Special Ed system was located in the State. They at once told me to check out Bloomington. My next step in my house search was to set up a meeting with the head of the Special Ed program for Monroe County. This I did and was impressed with what I found. Now I was ready to find a real estate agent and find our farm house and land.

The more I looked with the aid of a realtor the more I was pleased with the Monroe County area. As we drove to look at many locations and farm homes I was happy with the look of the country if not always the buildings that we were looking at. The hilly, rough look of Southern Indian suited me. We found a farmhouse on a plot of land. This rural farmhouse was in very good shape and was large enough for our family. It even had an air, landing strip on it. The location of the house was very close to the town of Bloomington between Bloomington and a little town called Ellettsville. The price being asks seemed reasonable so I was very excited to find this house and land. I phoned Mimsie and told her about it. She at once said don’t buy it. Mimsie said she had a feeling about it not being right for us. We always made our decisions together so if she felt this way even though she had not seen the house and land I said OK and kept on with my search. In less than a weeks time I was shown another home located in a little town called Kirksville. This house was larger and older than the one that I had called Mimsie about. It was on eight acres and was approximately eight miles from the nearest highway. The little town of Kirksville had a little general store and one country road that ran through the town. The little farm had a couple of beat-up looking outbuildings and two ponds. The two story farm house was situated on a hill not far from a little white church. This was it, I thought. I phoned Mimsie and told her about what I had found. She at once said try to buy it. We made an offer and a price was agreed on. Our home in Arlington was quickly sold and it took no time at all for a VA loan to be approved. Now all that had to be done was to move our family to our little home on the hill. I can remember, before the family came, walking the property over with the individual that I bought it from, Fred Tremen. I can recall the wonderful feeling I had at that time. Looking from a hill at the back of our land near the pond I gazed at our home and the little country church near it. A warm exciting sensation moved through my entire body. It was a feeling of love for my children and my wife and hope in a future that was to hold so much love and joy for all of us.


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