48. I accuse the greedy American public of allowing themselves, because of their small individual greedy thinking and actions, to cause the situations that America finds itself in at present

Greed can bring down the most powerful, and has done so throughout history. Individuals in case the American public Left, Right and in the Middle want more and more for themselves. Even if it means less and less for someone else. Some Americans, for whatever reason are pointing their fingers at another and asking that something should be done about the terrible corrupt actions that they see occurring within our nation. It seems as if these Americans believe that it is always the other guy that is causing the problem.

Yes, there are dishonest and greedy individuals among us. These individuals should be brought to justice. This is true however until the American public stops looking across the street and pointing fingers accusing others without looking within themselves, and becoming more accountable for their own greedy actions and thinking the problems we have as a nation will continue to exist.

Some who enjoy reading or study may recall the Dreyfus case which took place within France many years ago. The French public was sold a bill of goods by a corrupt and powerful military establishment that a loyal and honest soldier, Captain Dreyfus had performed an act of treason against the French people. Dreyfus was sent the Devils Island to rot. It took the famous French author Emile Zola to bring forth the truth and save Dreyfus, which he did with articles written in English and French newspapers entitled “I Accuse.”

I accuse the greedy American public of allowing themselves because of their greedy thinking and actions causing America to be in the situation that America finds itself in at present. Until there is a change of character made by the average American our problems will exist, and will grow to the detriment of all.

The problem of greed goes far past the apparent economic type of greed that is mostly spoken of. We as a nation, as I see it, are sick holding on to our greedy ideological views not giving an inch to others.

Too often we as individuals hold on to our opinions and misinformation that are fed to us by others the way some might hold on to a dollar bill. We send a small number of our citizens to fight our battles in foreign lands. We sit at home and complain that we are not getting enough. We are not willing to give an inch, a dollar, our effort and time, to solve our nation’s problems. It is always the other one that thinks differently from us that must be stopped not us for our selfish ways. We at home go on as usual not willing to cut back on our individual greedy needs. We too often want the easy, quick short term fix instead of looking ahead and putting in the effort it will take to solve a problem for the long term.


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