49. A New and Better World is Coming

Over the past couple of years I have spent a little time speaking to other individuals on the Internet. The site that I have mostly used for this purpose was Newsvine. Most of my conversations there were less than stimulating, yet there were times when the questions posed in agreement or disagreement caused me to ponder the subject matter at hand. An individual on the “Vine” put forth the question: “If a capitalistic system is so bad, what system would you have it replaced with?” The following are my thought on this question.

As I see it the form of so called Democratic Capitalism that most Americans speak of is a failing system of government as well as economy. It has served its purpose, yet I believe that time is running out of it. A major part of our present monetary system is the working of the Federal Reserve System, and the actions that are taken by it. I believe that the Federal Reserve came about around the year 1913, although I may be incorrect as to the proper year of it coming into being. This national system that controls the wealth of our nation is built around the basis that monies can be created out of nothing. When the government desires monies to be placed within our nations’ monetary systems it requests that the Fed issue money to the government under the condition that interest must be paid for these funds. So in fact money or value is created from nothing, and interest must be paid back on this nothing. What this means is that you have a monetary profit motivation built into a national system of money that must lose value because of the interest that must be paid for the money created by the system.

The Fed is controlled by a few. The very object of the system is to turn a profit. It matters not what political party is in control at whatever time it is in our American history. The political party could be from the Right, Left or the Middle. It matters not what those who control the Fed and sit in our Congress present themselves as the aim is based on consumerism and profit. Now, since the very system of government is motivated by profit, and because of the built in inflation of the system more goods and services must be sold so the rich and powerful can get richer and keep their power. As rich as any individual, corporation, organization or bank may be they can not afford to stay in a status quo position. Remember that nasty inflation that is built into our system is always at work. This leads to more business performed for the sake of profit, and greater consumerism. To move this runaway consumerism ahead products as well as services are sold on credit. Hence greater inflation, and less value of the service and product.

Those in power and control need to make sure that there is always a need for their product and service. This is done a number of ways. One is that no product should be produced or sold that will last for too long a period of time. Products could be made today with the world’s knowledge of technology that would last a lifetime. With our present form of economy and government, this can not be allowed. What this brings about is a waste, along with poor workmanship leading to less for most at a higher cost which lowers the standard of living of the nation operating in such a manner.

Profits are based on how abundant a product is. Riches can be made if the rich and powerful see to it that their services for whatever reason or products are less abundant. If all the diamonds that could be mined were placed on the market, there value would go down. Henceforth less profit to be made.


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