53. Stuck In The Past

Progress and Understanding in the Fields of Science are built on the Knowledge as well as the misinformation of Great Men and Women that came before them.

Image result for Interpretation of the Constitution in today's world

Science means study. What all scientists do which includes the great ones is to build on the knowledge of other great ideas that came before them. This also means to correct the mistaken view of other great men. Newton’s theory of gravity to Einstein violated the basic principles of special relativity. Yet Einstein built on the genius of Newton. Einstein it is said gave Maxwell much of the credit for the findings of Einstein, yet in doing so he used a mistake of science of the great Maxwell called the Maxwell paradox. What Einstein was able to do was to take Maxwell’s theory further. This led to Einstein understanding Space/Time. We would be living in a very different world now if he or someone else had not done this. Hence forth the great equation E=mc square. Matter and energy are one entity.

To Einstein even his special theory of relativity was incomplete, which he wrote about in a paper in 1905. It took him until 1915 to find a theory that included gravity, which was his theory of general relativity. Here he proved the great Newton wrong since Newton never made reference to the speed of light, the ultimate velocity in the universe. Einstein spent the greatest part of his latter years searching for what many call the Theory of Every Thing. That is to unite his general theory of the cosmos to the theory of the sub-atomic world. This would in general include gravity being united with the other three forces of nature, the strong force, the weak force and the electromagnetic force. He was never able to do this to his dying day, although he kept working on it. Other great minds of today are still searching for the answer. They now have wonderful machines such as CERN to aid them.

So why do I state the above? I believe works like the Bible as well as the Constitution of the United States are great works. They have left the world much beauty and wisdom. It is my belief that we do not lessen one great work as we build on it another. To remain stuck in the past, lacks wisdom and brings unhappiness


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