54. So You Want to Be Free

There is a simple way to it – All you have to do is go back to being a Hunter Gather. Here you have Freedom! There would be times when the family that you lived in would require that you go against your wishes. You could let them go on to other areas to Gather and Hunt, and you would be Free! You could live or perhaps die without their aid. However – you would be Free!

At present we all live in a social climate and culture no matter where that might be. Or no matter what it might be called; Republic, Fascist, Socialist, Capitalist, or what other titles that you might give it. That is unless you find a place that is in total anarchy you will live by the rules of the land. Doing so you will not have total Freedom.

Does this mean that Freedom can not be had? No – we all as individuals within our own minds and beings own ourselves, and are Free. That is our individual choice. We can be as we choose to be Free to Think,

Free to Believe, Free to Be! This Free individual can be Free in a positive or negative manner. I myself see all in the Cosmos related in a physical, mental as well as spiritual manner. The great minds of science tells us that the flutter of the wings of a single butterfly effect all other in the cosmos. For we are all part of the same. Free as that butterfly.

Image result for free as a butterfly


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