55. Learning from Dogs, Moose’s and Other more Intelligent Beings

Tarzan and Rocky are doing their best to get between me and the keyboard as I am attempting to write this. They want my full attention, and will do the same if I stay on the phone too long. They look at the world from a dog’s view that their “Daddy” (me) has been put here to take care of their needs, and give them as much attention as they desire. I have come to the realization as of late that perhaps they are correct. For sure they are more loving and honest then most of these beings that walk around on their two feet flapping their mouths, and quoting books written by creatures like themselves.

I truly believe that if a moose had written many of these texts that we humans believe are so filled with wisdom, and if we knew enough to read moose and understand their thinking that perhaps the world would be in a much better condition today. I also have come to the conclusion that moose’s and other wise beings treading this little ball of matter that is called Earth that they might be playing a waiting game. If I could read Moose and were prudent enough to comprehend their theology and social structure, perhaps I would be more proficient and adept at being able to grasp the realization that given time these human beings that structure rules to fit their own egos and arrogance will find a way to clear the Earth of themselves, allowing the more loving and honest dogs, moose’s and other creatures live in peace. With this all said, and with my limited intelligence I at this time am doing my best to learn from them. Science has at last come to the realization that it should as well.

The Bow-Jaw whale is an example how mankind is learning from animals. It is the largest mammal found on earth and it has been found that it can live to over 200 years. By studying the Bow-Jawed whale Man is now finding out how this animal is able to do so. The algae on the floors of our oceans can produce light. Sunlight is unable to travel through the depths of the ocean so the algae on the ocean floors has been able to produce light without the energy of the sun. There will come a day not in the far future where mankind will learn from this algae how evolution has allowed it to produce light. The web of a spider has shown mankind how to produce a substance that is stronger than the best and strongest metals that Man is able to mine. It is possible through genetic methods to produce goat milk that when modified can produce a web type substance which is stronger than the metals that Man now uses. The list goes on and on. Science will continue to move forward being taught by nature, how it has though natural evolution improve Itself.

Yes, man appears to be the only animal that is able to speak in a language and write books, however, it has been shown within scientific studies that animals can communicate with one another and that plants are able to warn one another of dangers. A study that has taken over 40 years with a guerrilla by the name of KoKo has shown that primates can communicate within their own species as well as with mankind in a very intelligent manner and that these primates have many characteristics that mankind has written are only given to Man. KoKo when she communicates does so using a form of sign language. When KoKo expresses herself, she does so in a very emotional and intelligent manner. She is able to have a conversation with her care keepers and express herself in a very emotional and human way.

It is my belief that we will learn that animals small and large can teach us about who we are as well as who they are in a philosophical way as well. Man has written the books so man has written what man sees to be as facts. Some of what has been written has truths among its writings. In these many text produced by mankind, there also many untruths, which have been accepted because they were written by a humans being. The ideologies expressed in many of these writings are based on the misinformation that is put forward by the writer and from the standpoint of how mankind would see what is a truth and what is not. This does not mean that what has been written by Man is a truth. Nature is our best teacher and we will only move forward by learning and listening to it.


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