56. Mind Travel

I wonder if a great deal of individuals think as I do? I don’t believe that many do. I am now 84 years young and have a lot of time on my hands to travel back in my memories. Although I now do this it is not something that I just started to do during my older years. I have for many years believed that the reality of this material world that we live in is only a part of the truth of Reality. In the present physics has with the use of the scientific tools and information that is available now tried to explain what the Cosmos is. Thus, what is the truth of Reality. Also, science as well as theology and philosophy have struggled with the problem of how does Man fit into whatever he/she may see as Reality. Just as interesting and important are all the other entities organic or inorganic that is just as important and real.

Science has put forth much in answer to this problem. such as the String Theory, M-Theory, banes, multiple universes just to name a few. The more that physics finds information about it seems that the more questions about the universe and Reality are brought into the mind. We now believe that the matter that makes up what we thought as the universe is only approximately 4% of what the universe is comprised of. Physics now says that the remaining 96% of the universe is comprised of what is referred to as dark energy and dark matter. Physics seems to agree that dark energy and dark matter exist, however have little idea of what they are made of.

Going back to the great minds of many philosophical thinkers, many concepts have been put forth. Most of the above mentioned ideas put forth about Reality will not be proven, if ever proven, in the near future. What has been proven is the Atomic theory that we live in. We now know that it is possible to take a star much greater in mass than our sun, and by events and processes that occur in our Universe crush that matter that we do know of into a much smaller area with a mass greater than our sun. An ounce of that star in the form of a Neutron Star would weigh as much or more than a mountain. What this means to me with my limited understanding is that True Reality is some form of energy. This we don’t have to wait for science to prove for it has been proven many times already. What this seems to be indicating is that the nothing that seems to be within the universe is something, and that something is a greater part of reality than what we thought was the truth of what is real.

Theology in the form of many great men and books has probed for an answer to this truth. The great masters of philosophy in the past further back than the Greek States have spoken and written on this subject. So if all matter and energy are really just different expressions of the same thing than all Reality must be information. (I believe Energy is what physics refers to as Information.) I choose to use the term consciousness instead of the term Information. In one of my favorite books the author Michio Kaku writes: “The loss of information from the universe seems to be an inevitable consequence of Einstein’s theory, but this violates the principles of quantum mechanics, which states that information can never really be lost. “Somewhere the information must be floating in the universe, even if the original object was sent down the throat of a black hole.” Since nothing in truth can be lost than to me “mind travel” must be real.

So let me give you an example of how my mind travels: From time to time I will allow my mind to travel where at the present moment in time my mind has the desire to travel to. A moment in time with a structure and situation will appear within my consciousness. I will be there! If I at this time make too much of an effort to “mind travel” it will not work well. The basic premise of this “mind travel” is that I must allow it to happen. Yes, I am at a particular place in time, and seeing and feeling a particular situation. From this point I allow whatever thinking that occurs to flow. It will flow along with sights, feeling, emotions, sounds and even at times smells. The trip, if that is what it is called, to me, is very real and enjoyable. There I may be with my folks, or other loved ones such as my brothers, wife or children. Here is an example of “mind travel” that was taken by me.

I was sitting in my back yard with my pups observing my surroundings. It was a pleasant warm day. I drifted back to a Summer as a young child of about eight or nine years of age. I in my mind’s eye I looked around and saw that I was at a Summer camp. I allowed my mind to travel. Now I will speak of my mind as my consciousness. I found myself lying on a metal cot in a bunk house. The sun was beating down on me through a large screened window. The heat of the sun could be felt in my body, and it was very pleasant. My cot was made up with a brown army blanket stretched tightly over it. The smell of the army blanket was musky. I just laid back on my cot and felt the wonders of a small child taking in a Summer day. The experience was very real. But was it real?

Since energy, information or the entity that I am my consciousness, cannot be destroyed. Was the above “mind travel,” and where it took me just as real as where I find myself in this three dimensional existence that seems to be so real and that I take for granted? I believe it might have been.


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