60. Am I My Brother’s Keeper?

When most hear the statement; am I my brother’s keeper, I believe many at once think that the answer is to give money, or not to give money. Yes, there is a time to help another, and one should if at all possible do that. There are other times when to be your brother’s keeper it might not be best to give out funds. For example a great good could be learned by causing an individual to be more responsible. Being your brother’s keeper may cost you nothing but your time and concern. It may be as simple as speaking to a soul that seems to be on the edge of a social group. It may be as simple as saying good morning to a person that you do not know, and most likely will never see again. It could be making a kind comment to an individual that most time never hears a complimentary comment about them. It could be as simple as letting another in the Super Market line ahead of you when you have a lot to check out, and they have fewer items.

Some say I cannot be responsible for your actions, and you are not responsible for my actions. We all when “push comes to shove” must take responsibility for ourselves. This does not mean that we can’t lend a helping hand to one another. It is easy to help someone that you like, or that thinks highly of you. It takes a little more effort to stretch out a helping hand to an individual that for whatever reason you may not enjoy being around. I must say here that many times when I did so the other individual did grasp my hand, and to to my surprise, I found that this individual was not so bad at all.

As a teacher, I would tell my students that not only are we our brother’s keepers. We are our brother. After all, we are all made of the same stuff that being star dust. That would get them thinking. Good for them.


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