61. Boredom


When I sub taught at high schools, mostly in the Indianapolis area I quite often would hear a student complain that they were bored. My students would say that not only school bored them, but they were bored before and after school. I believe a reason for this that so many of the young and others spend a great deal of their time with all sorts of wonderful electronic devices entertaining themselves, and with so little imagination. When they would say Mr. Presslaff I’m bored I would say to them “no you are boring.” This many times led to some rather interesting class discussions.

There is no reason for anyone anywhere at any time to be bored since there is so much to be known. As a teacher, I would ask my students to ask me anything. I would tell them I would attempt to give an answer to their questions. I would also inform them that just because of the fact that I am an adult as well as their teacher does not make what I say always right. Never the less I told them I would give them an honest answer to their question which, if they found interesting we as individuals and as a class could knock that around for a while. We had some pretty good and fun times in those classes, and few were bored. I know that for a fact since they told me so. Not by what they said, but by the questions that came out of our discussions.

I guess I always have been an inquisitive and curious person. People tell me at eighty plus that I do not look my age. I tell them perhaps that is because I have a young mind always looking for some new answers to most anything. I don’t know if that is the reason for a face being not wrinkled what I do know for sure it keeps even an old guy like me from being bored, and I should hope not boring. There is so much to know. So much to think about. Life brings to each individual a chance for so much contemplation. The wheels are still turning.


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