62. A Meaningful Life – Time Well Spent

According to the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics entropy is ruler rover all matter. This simply means that everything must decay, and come to its end. This is even true of the Universe. In time all matter in the Universe, including stars will eventually exhaust their nuclear fuel. They will go out, and the Universe will become cold. Very cold, almost to absolute zero. When this happens Time itself will slow down. Time will become very, very slow. Will Time itself come to an end, or is Time excluded from the Laws of the Universe? Today, some very learned scientist believe that Time does not exist and never has, but that is another very interesting story which I will perhaps save for a later discussion.

Our human bodies will also follow the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, and decay. The cells that make up our human bodies are at each moment in Time fighting this battle at times winning the battle, yet over Time the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics is the winner. Since the recorded history of Man the human race has been searching for the “Fountain of Youth” not finding it. The search goes on in the modern laboratories throughout the world. If in the centuries to come a seeming solution, perhaps through computer science, nanotechnology-science, medicine or some yet unknown science is found at the end as the Universe itself will decay the matter that is Man will be destroyed. Nevertheless, Man with the aid of science has pro-longed the average length of human life. The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics always seems to win with all creatures warm or cold- blooded. We are born of matter and die as the matter that we are made of cell- by- cell can no longer battle the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

As Time moves on aging occurs. Our bodies as well as our minds in a very real material sense become weaker, and less able to do what was easy and normal in the not long ago past. At my present age of 84 I am well aware of this natural process. I now find it difficult to walk, and seem to have become more absent minded each day. With all this being apparent I have learned to accept my mortal fate. In the not too distant past, I have seen others who shared their mortal time to various degrees with me submit to the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics. It is not an easy task to see these individual pass away from me, yet one must take what life has given and move on to the next moment to what he/she can find as productive or at least interesting and take from it. I must admit that when I find it difficult to perform a simple physical task I will at times become angry at myself. I also, from time to time feel anger at some who I thought to be a love one who may go about their less decayed lives not thinking that perhaps their time in health could be better served. When these negative thoughts do come up within my mind, I will put them aside quickly for I realize that life has taught me that such thinking only decays, one a little faster, and does little or nothing to teach a lesson to the uncaring. The important thing is that I do not allow myself to become one of the uncaring.

Being by myself as often as I now find myself, I have had the opportunity to ponder many things concerning life. My life in particular! A thought popped up in my mind often in the recent past. It is an interesting question, yet since I know that I am unable to change the past, I do realize that such thinking may be just mental masturbation. The question is what if I had done this instead of that? What would be my present situation, if I had made this or that turn in my life’s paths? What would my life have been if I had chosen a different path? I believe too often I followed the Yogi Berra solution to that problem. Yogi said; “when you come to a fork in the road, take it.” This I did, for I thought that to turn back on the road, even if I did not know where my choice of paths would take it would have been a sign of weakness not taking either of the paths. I also had been taught in childhood that the right choice will be made if the motive for that choice was honest and good. I must state here that this seemed not always to be true. At least from this mortal point in Time it has seemed as if the choice I made many times had turned out to be the one that should not have been made. Yet I had tried to make that choice by tuning into that “still small voice within.”

What ever it was the choices that was taken by me has helped to make my life an interesting one. All this being so leads to a larger and more important question. This question is that if I had taken another path would I had lived a more meaningful existence? What I wonder over is as I move closer and closer to the end of my earthly Being has my life had any real meaning at all? What is it that gives value to life?

I have come to some conclusions concerning this question. It is a fact that today that I have very little material wealth. I can see around me that others have much material wealth. I do feel strongly that having material wealth has very little to do with if one had or did not spend his/her time on earth in a worthwhile and productive manner. So I do concerning this matter feel comfortable as to who I am. When I leave this world in the not too far future I will leave very few material object to give to others. At one time this did bother me. It does not at present. What I do want to leave behind me is of more value. It is who I am, and how I thought, believed and lived. It is a fact of the Universal Law that all material matter in whatever form it might take will decay. Love, caring, ideas and the like, I should hope that not being material will go on in some form or another which I might add is beyond my present understanding.

Now, if the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics is true of the metaphysical as well as the physical, then what difference does it matter if my life or any other life human or other has any purpose or meaning. So as that famous American philosopher Alfred E. Neumann once said; ” Why Worry?” I would like to believe that if my existence does go on in a personal manner or not after leaving this mortal body that my life and all other life does have a purpose and meaning. This to the best of my understanding would then be true of all other living entities, animal as well as all other souls. (The Greeks thought that all life has a soul being distinct as to its own kind.) Yes, this would include each and every tree, and every other form of life, whatever its form may be.

I have come to the conclusion that it is not important what others might think of me as long as my ego has not allowed me to think of myself other than who I truly am. At times this is a difficult task for ego can get in the way. As life comes to an earthly end for me, I trust that this book “Thinking Out of the Box” will find its way into the hands and minds of other individuals that may cause them to allow me to live on by causing them to dwell on whatever is the subject matter that I have written of. Hoping that these essays might cause a reader to fill a moment of his or her Time to thinking out of the box causing them to ponder over a thought or two and perhaps making the time allotted to them more productive, interesting and meaningful. That would please me, and perhaps give meaning to my earthly Being.


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