69. Manure,the Sound of Rain on a tine Roof and a Big Stinky Fly Trap

flyjarThere is nothing quite as wonderful to me as the smell of manure in the fields that is just beginning to permeate that is said to me spring is here. I also remember how I thoroughly enjoyed squaring a manure pile outside of my horse stable, as well as watch the flies buzzing around my big stinky fly trap which was set on top of the pile which was perfectly square. The hundreds of flies buzzed around the big stinky as I watch them foolishly enter it. This was almost as pleasant as the soft sound of rain on a tin roof. I wonder if they still square manure piles in Pennsylvania. I also bet you can’t find a big stinky fly trap to buy any more to place on top of those squared piles. My finger tips were always stained blue from my use of gentian violet. I would be interested in looking at the hands of today’s horseman. I also bet it would be difficult to find any wormwood to use in one of my witches brews.


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