72. Who is the Real Mike Pence?

Trump has chosen Mike Pence as his Vice President of the United State. Before Mike Pence was chosen to be the second most powerful person in the world Donald Trump surrounded himself with other supporters they all have one thing in common. They are individuals that I would not enjoy having at my Thanksgiving dinner table. To name a few they are in my mind, I will start with Bobby Knight a loud mouth bully. Next Glen Beck an uninformed Dominionist. Trump brags that Don King, the fight promoter, is a close friend and supporter. King has stolen much money from many of the prize fighters that he has promoted fights for. He is a murderer. Since Trump has been sworn in as our President, General Flynn was placed in a position of great power by Trump as his National Security Adviser. Flynn has since been forced to resign and is now being investigated as a paid lobbyist for Turkey. He also has misled our nation concerning secrets that he has shared with Russians.

Here I wish to write about Mike Pence the Ex-Governor of Indiana. I believe that if Pence had not been selected to be the V.P on the Republican ticket he might not have won the next governor’s race in Indiana. On the other hand, since Indiana is a red state which the results of the 2016 elections again showed there would be a very good chance that even with what I will write about in this essay Pence would have been elected again to the governorship of Indiana.

Pence is a Dominionist? Being a Dominionist, I believe, that this is the greatest danger that he brings to our nation as our V.P. Pence is a conservative Christian nightmare who rejects the separation of church and state, and places his Christian faith above the U.S. Constitution. When asked to describe himself, Pence says he is a Christian, a conservative and a Republican, in that order. In other words, he puts his faith first while he is in office. This is fine as it goes for him or anyone else as an individual, but does not hold water as the policy of the Vice President. This seems to go against the separation of church and state which has been from the creation of America what most Americans and our Founding Fathers supported and wrote into law.

What is a Dominionist? Dominionism simply means “dominance.” In Pence’s case it means Christian dominance. The concept is as old as recorded history. It’s a desire to take over the world and remake it in your own image. Dominionist believe that Almighty God Himself cannot get the earth back unless the Dominionists first create a Christian government over all the world, starting right here in the United States. The Dominionists will create this Kingdom of God. Here is a short list of individuals that might appear on Dominiionist lists: Rick Perry, Tim LaHaye, Pat Robertson, Ted Cruz, Gary Bauer, Scott Walker, Rick Santorum, Jim DeMint, Bob McDonnell, John Thune, Christine O’Donnell, Mike Pence, Glenn Beck, Erick Erickson, Haley Barbour, James Lankford, John Ashcroft, Peter King and Mike Huckabee to name a few.

The ‘Seven Mountains Dominionism’ has a plan to defeat the forces of Satan, attain the goal of a Christian theocracy in America and eventually the entire world, in order to prepare the world for the return of Christ. There are seven sections of the culture targeted for infiltration: 1 government, 2 education, 3 media, 4 arts & entertainment, 5 religions, 6 families, and 7 businesses.

Mike Pence, our V.P. Is an anti-science, anti-women, anti-LGBT, anti-animal rights and a religious extremist. He opposed the expansion of abortion rights and federal spending on embryonic stem cell research, pushed a constitutional amendment against same-sex marriage and briefly cut off new federal funding for Planned Parenthood.

Pence’s insulted women concerning abortion even at the earliest stages of pregnancy. He wanted them to hold funerals for the unborn fetus and pay for funeral services. Women who’ve even so much as miscarried were fair game. To Mike Pence, the lives of the unborn may be sacred-but a woman’s world can only be understood in terms of her childbearing capabilities. Whereas Trump insults women, Pence punishes them.

Pence clashed with the Catholic Archdiocese of Indianapolis when he halted state support for efforts to relocate refugees, citing security concerns. At a time when Syrian refugees were fleeing from their home country for their lives, Pence banned state agencies from bringing Syrian refugees into Indiana. A federal judge subsequently rejected Pence’s ban for being blatantly discriminatory. Republican Indiana Gov. Mike Pence said that the Hoosier State would continue its ban on accepting Syrian refugees until “we have absolute assurance” that the federal government has strengthened its vetting process. Indiana has since turned away two families – one of which was accepted by Connecticut and another whose status remains in limbo.

Pence found himself at the center of a storm when he supported Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which would have allowed businesses and individuals to refuse to do business with some people based on their own religious beliefs. His stance on the issue made him the darling of evangelicals and other conservatives, and he signed the bill into law. But a week later, he had to sign a revised version after major corporations, organizations and celebrities vowed to boycott Indiana.

The Constitution Restoration Act of 2004″ (CRA2004) was introduced in both chambers of Congress to “limit the jurisdiction of Federal courts in certain cases and promote federalism. Pence has a long history of trying to restrict Americans’ access to the courts in church-state cases: In 2003, Pence co-sponsored U.S. Rep. Robert Aderholt’s (R-Ala.) “Ten Commandments Defense Act.” Among other things, this reckless “states’ rights” bill would have ordered the federal courts to stay out of lawsuits challenging government-backed Ten Commandments displays in the states. Under the law, people who were offended by such displays would have had no ability to challenge them in court. This means, that the federal judiciary would be prohibited from interfering with any expression of religious faith by any elected local, state, or federal official. In other words, federal judges could not prevent the Ten Commandments from being displayed in public buildings or Nativity Scenes from appearing on court house lawns or “under God” from being recited in the Pledge of Allegiance or prayers being spoken in public schools, etc. This bill would limit the jurisdiction of the federal courts in these matters. Mike Pence was a strong supporter of this bill. It did fail.

Pence introduced a bill written by Roy Moore, the infamous Alabama Supreme Court chief justice, that would have amended U.S. law to strip the U.S. Supreme Court’s power to hear cases involving government “acknowledgment of God as the sovereign source of law, liberty, or government.” The measure, which would have applied to cases retroactively and thus nullified decades of church-state law, would also have forbidden lower federal courts from hearing such disputes.

Pence is no friend of public education: Under his governorship, Indiana passed a sweeping school voucher bill that Americans United and other critics say funnels taxpayer dollars to unaccountable private and religious schools. Millions of dollars to private, often religious schools, takes money away from public schools that the state has a legal mandate to maintain. This is the policy of Pence when it comes to education. During the last budget session, Pence tried to push the Republican-dominated Legislature to pass an additional $1,500-per-student allocation to charters in order to pay for non-academic expenses, like transportation. But the measure was eventually scaled back to $500 per student after concerns over poor-performing charter schools. Pence passed laws to prevent failing or troubled charter schools from escaping closure by finding a new sponsor. Indiana is rated No. 1 in the nation for charter accountability by the National Association of Charter School Authorizers. Indiana was one of only 10 states without state-funded pre-K. Eventually he negotiated the On My Way Pre-K pilot program. Over the past two years, it’s provided scholarships for nearly 2,300 low-income 3- and 4-year-olds. While many cheered Pence for the program, he faced major criticism later in 2014 after refusing to let the state apply for $80 million in federal money to expand it. He claimed he didn’t want “federal intrusion” into the program.

He has moved to end birthright citizenship to “anchor babies” and wanted to require that hospitals report undocumented patients to immigration officials.

Pence has been no economic leader or friend to the American worker. In fact, he wants to get rid of the very wages that make the middle class possible.

LBGT facts: Over the years as a politician, he’s pushed for constitutional amendments to define marriage as between a man and a woman, he’s opposed legislation that deemed violence against gay people a hate crime and he’s declined to fund HIV/AIDS programs that “celebrate” a gay lifestyle.

Recently, he’s signed laws like one that allows people to bring guns into school parking lots and another one that deprives people of the ability to sue gun dealers that negligently (or intentionally) sell guns to felons.
Pence stand on cannabis: He proposed that being caught with even a tiny amount of weed should count as a felony rather than a misdemeanor, thereby ensuring a prison system overcrowded with non-violent criminals.

Pence has strong ties to billionaire donors Charles and David Koch, including current and former staff members who have worked for them.

When Obama unveiled his Clean Power Plan in 2015, Pence was one of the scheme’s most vocal critics. He put the “health of the economy” above the health of the environment, saying he needed to look out for energy companies as the state’s job providers. His response shouldn’t be that surprising, considering he previously declared, “I think the science is very mixed on the subject of global warming.” Ninety percent of science does believe that Global Warming Is a fact of good science.

Pence was a major, unapologetic supporter of the Iraq War. A strong illustration of Pence’s position came in an appearance on CNN’s “Crossfire” on Sept. 23, 2002. During that appearance, Pence insisted that there was a “connection between Iraq and al Qaeda.” Under push-back, he conceded that there was no proof of such a tie. But he maintained that there was “overwhelming evidence… to suggest a connection.”

Mike Pence, a member of the Congressional Sportsmen’s Caucus, voted in support of legislation to protect recreational hunting and fishing on federally managed land. The bill passed the House of Representatives by a vote of 274 to 146. According to On the Issues, a non-partisan, non-profit organization providing information to voters about candidates via its website, in 2009 Pence voted against protecting wild horses and burros on America’s public lands. This would mean the killing of some 45,000 horses and other hoofed wild animals on public land.

At the time of the writing of this essay the Trump administration is now being investigated by four government groups. Time will tell if there is truth to the charges being made by some concerning Trump. I believe that being that, since Donald Trump is a high fasting neurotic individual who first of all does see himself as always, right that if necessary he will throw Pence under the bus to save his own skin. Pence in most cases has supported the back and forth of Trump, but as of late Pence being who he is has differed with Trump on some claims that have come to the surface. Pence has also like Trump been willing to make statements that could cause Trump to feel uncomfortable. He also has been willing to compromise a statement made by him much as Trump does almost daily. Time will only tell where this will lead to and in the future how useful will Trump find having Pence close to him will be.

As of August 2016 Mike Pence has supported Donald Trump concerning Trumps actions and statements about the terrible events that took place at Charlottesville, Va. Mike Pence says he supports Trump’s response to Charlottesville. Pence said ; ” Trump ‘has been clear on this tragedy…I stand with the President”. The President has been widely criticized for suggesting that white supremacists, neo-Nazis and other hate groups did not deserve 100 per cent of the responsibility for the violence that resulted in the death of a young woman. It is my belief that the American public does not know who the real Mike Pence is. With all that is going on with the investigation now taking place that surround our President as wee at Pence’s stand with Trump on the Charlottesville protest I do believe that Pence is almost as dangerous to our nation as Trump is.


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