77. The Lost Art of “The Look” and the Use of the “Church Voice”

Mom had the art of “The Look,” and the use of the “Church Voice” down to a refined science. She could stop anyone of her very large sons in their tracks by using either of these very forceful means. In today’s society I’m afraid that both of these powerful instruments have lost their advantage. I believe this is because at the time that mom used them to control her boys it was a time that bringing shame on your family was the greatest sin a son or daughter could do.

When I was teaching my kids in high school they would ask me if my parents ever hit me. They were surprised when I told them never. Try as I might to explain to them the art of “The Look” that coupled with the use of the “Church Voice,” and how mom would set my brothers and myself back on our heels was a very difficult thing to explain. The worst punishment I could ever imagine as a child and a young man was displeasing my parents, or to bring shame to them or our family. Mom could knock you over across the room by simply turning her head and looking at any of her sons. She also in a very proper manner would raise her voice softly to a higher octave and make a statement. This was her “Church Voice.” When she used either or both, we were stopped in our tracks. We may not have agreed with what mom thought was right, but that was the end of that particular episode.

I believe that when this present culture and society becomes more concerned about bringing shame upon their families, “The Look” will once more gains its power. Mothers all over our nation once more will take their “Church Voices” out of storage, and there will be a lesser need to lock young people up.


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