78. Reality – or Our Own Idealistic View of It

A dictionary definition of reality is: the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them.

Wikipedia goes on to explain reality that philosophers, mathematicians, and other ancient and modern thinkers, such as Aristotle, Plato, Frege, Wittgenstein, and Russell, have made a distinction between thought corresponding to reality. In other words we as humans see what we believe is our own reality depending upon the culture and society that we idealistically live in.

Man is a social animal. He has a natural urge to live an associated life with others. Man needs society for his existence for survival. Idealists are understood to represent the world as it might or should be, unlike pragmatists, who focus on the world as it presently is. In today’s world modern science depends upon proven facts and related theories depending upon these facts found by observation and experimentation.

Each of us inhabits another universe, the universe of the human mind, and the mental constructs or “memes” which it creates, transmits, uses, records, stores, and recombines.

One might say reality, like beauty, lies in the eye of the beholder. So we as individual entities live our mortal experience as we perceive it to be. That to many people is reality even if the facts that are discovered by modern science inform us differently. Modern science itself argues about what is real and what is not real. Scientific chaos implies that something can come from nothing and that the inanimate can form the adamant. Some scientists who support the science of chaos use the example of a sand dune. This pile of sand is made up of an uncountable number of sand grains. Singularly they are a sand grain. However when the wind blows them together they become the dune. They believe that this is what occurs in the formation of a child in the womb. Each particle alone is a nonthinking, non acting material entity however as these non-acting points of matter react with one another they create specific organs and body parts thereby creating an animal. Other scientists believe this to be untrue.

It appears that the more that the physicist, astronomer and other scientists with the aid of modern scientific instrumentation discover the less they understand. Einstein thought that the universe was static. Most scientists now see that the universe is moving outwardly with exponential speed. In the 1930’s science discovered what is called dark matter and dark energy which they mostly agree does exist however they don’t know what it is. For many years now some scientist believe that there is a ninth planet in our solar system. This planet lies billions of miles from the sun beyond Neptune. Scientific information seems to be telling science that this ninth planet does exist yet it has not been proven that it does. So what is the reality concerning this ninth planet within our solar system?

Depending upon the culture and society that an individual finds himself in will in most cases become his or her reality no matter what learned facts have proven. When we are children we accept what we are told by the adults that teach us what is real and what is not real to be a fact. As we grow and have the ability to form our own conclusions this may lead to a vast amount of confusion to the average individual. If a child is told by a respected caregiver that the universe is only 6000 years old he or she may for the rest of their life accept this as a fact. If a child is told by a respected adult that there was a garden where there lived a woman who spoke to snakes that child may form a ridiculous incomprehensible understanding of reality. This is true even in that as he/she grows to be an adult he/she has never had a conversation with a snake. Then again that now grown individual may rationalize that since God made the garden and all that was in it and that God can do anything it is not incomprehensible that that naked woman had a conversation with a snake.

We all as individual entities do have our concept of reality however I myself believe that there is a true reality. To me it seems logical that the universe must have order, principles and laws that govern it. This to me is what is real.

When a contractor builds a structure such as a bridge or building he/she will follow the instructions that he or she finds on a blueprint. The blueprint is the design of the structure and if it is not followed the structure will be built in a corrupt manner. I believe with my limited intelligence that the universe is very much like this blueprint and there is a design to it.

Reality for many will be forever sort after. On an individual basis ideologies will be formed because of the personal society and culture that individuals live in. Science will disagree about what true reality is yet there is one truth concerning what is real. It is natural that mankind will continue to search for answers to this problem and that mankind will have individual concepts which will at times leads to good decisions made and at other times leads to erroneous conceptions. It is my belief that mankind’s purpose is to learn and grow. This is what man has done though out history and will continue to do. Perhaps the true understanding concerning this problem is beyond the mind of humans. This may be so yet there is only one correct blueprint.


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