About Ira Presslaff


I write in a conversational style. I have no desire that you agree with me concerning the many ideas and opinions offered. They are just posted for you to ponder over. If you have a desire to read more concerning my opinions, stories as well as other muses you can do so by reading a book that I recently published entitled “Thoughts: 80 and Still Learning.”

I am presently 84 years young, and yes I am still learning. I earned a bachelor of science degree from the University of Vermont in animal husbandry. After serving two years in the United States Army while living in Long Island, New York and working in New York City over a three-year period during the evenings I earned a degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology in textile management. During my working years, I worked in various industries including the fashion and insurance industries. I also worked as the head of sales for a number of companies After (almost retiring) wanting to work with young people and was employed as a counselor at a foster home for hard to place teenagers at a home for hard to place foster boys and girls.

My position at the foster home and main task were to show these young people how to concept think and to prepare them for their future years when they would no longer be taken care of by the foster system. After leaving the position I had at the foster home I became a guard at a maximum prison facility for juvenile inmates. Realizing that shortly I will be moving on to another experience I wish here to leave behind me a few lessons that I have learned from life’s experiences.

I would certainly enjoy being able to appear before you 50 years or so from now, and be able to look you in the eye and say; I told you so. If this was possible perhaps you would remark to me; you old fool what in heaven’s name were you thinking about. Time will tell.